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Talent recruitment
Job Hiring Position General Manager: Salary Proficiency
Job description
1, formulate and implement the company's strategy, budget plan, determine the company's business policy and business form
2, explore the market opportunities, lead the development of the company's business goals and business plans, achieve the rapid growth of the company's business and investment returns

3, supervise and control the entire implementation process, be responsible for the operating results, organize the implementation of the financial budget plan and profit distribution, utilization plan, etc..

Responsible for maintaining good communication with the board of directors and report to the board on the development of the business and the implementation of the plan, the use of funds and the status of profits and losses
Establish communication channels between the company and the higher authorities, government agencies, financial institutions, media, and other departments; To lead the development of the company's public relations activities and establish a good corporate image
6, to make decisions on major matters, to represent the company in major foreign affairs or important activities, to examine and issue documents issued in the name of the company, and to be responsible for handling major emergencies of the company
Establish a company organization system and business system, be responsible for the construction of the senior management team, select the middle and senior management staff, and review the establishment plan and basic management system of the internal management organization of the company
Overall management of the company, set annual performance goals and business development strategy, overall marketing planning plan, to achieve the enterprise management goals

Qualification for appointment:
1, with good forward-looking and high-end decision-making ability
2, familiar with the business management and operation of the company and the work flow of various departments
3) Strong organizational, coordination, communication, leadership, excellent interpersonal and social skills, and keen insight
4, excellent personal and business achievements, with excellent sales and marketing planning skills
5, good strategic planning, overall coordination ability, good at organization and coordination.

Job Hiring: II. Production Vice President: Salary Proficiency
Job description
Job duties:
1, responsible for the company's safe production and operation, management and other work;
2, organize the implementation of the group company issued various production safety indicators, economic and technical indicators, to complete the company issued management and business responsibility goals;
3, formulate and implement the annual production and business plan;
4, participate in the company's major project bidding, major investment project planning, business negotiations and external coordination work;
5, collect industry standards, introduce industry's advanced experience, combine the actual situation in the factory to optimize and establish operating parameters, operating standards, and process standards, strengthen personnel training and performance evaluation, reduce production costs, and improve operational efficiency;
6, complete the other tasks assigned by the group company.

Qualification for appointment:
1familiar with the business management and operation of the company and the work flow of various departments.
2, safety awareness and safety control ability are strong, can withstand greater pressure, have a strong sense of responsibility, have a strong leadership ability, have a team spirit of cooperation, have a strong organizational, coordination and planning ability.