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      Shandong Zhongde billion new Mstar Technology Ltd was founded in January 2015, registered capital of 60 million yuan, Northwest China's Shandong province Shenxian Xin Ting Street office business street and prosperous road intersection angle. Currently covers an area of 185000 square meters, is a company specializing in artificial quartz stone plate R & D, production and sales of modern high-tech enterprises. Companies adhering to the "integrity, fairness, diligence, innovation, collaboration," the purpose of "quality first, service first" concept, with an annual output of 2 million 400 thousand square meters of artificial quartz stone plate products. Artificial quartzite board is mainly used in airports, hospitals, shops, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, medical institutions, Jin Chu, securities, education research, stadiums and so on, and family decoration.

      Artificial quartz stone is a kind of non radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, green building new indoor decoration materials, is a new product in the field of artificial marble, he has many advantages at present does not have a common artificial stone, with wear resistance, acid resistance, high temperature, impact resistance, compressive and flexural, anti permeability no radiation, etc., belong to the green decoration materials. According to statistics, quartz stone in the global market is in short supply, this situation will continue for at least five to ten years. Therefore, the gap between supply and demand of quartz stone at home and abroad is very large. The main target market of the project is facing the Southeast Asian market, and the strong market space provides a great opportunity for the development of this project, and the development prospect will be very broad.